Video production is like manufacturing. Once the machines are up and running, it's much easier for us to plan and produce another video for significantly less money than if we were to produce only one video. These "add-on" videos, such as television commercials, preview trailers, and trade-show loops, can give you more arrows in your quiver by meeting more customer needs and addressing more HR / PR issues.

If you want to shoot multiple films at once, we can save you money there as well.

One of the biggest challenges companies face is how to communicate their products, identity, and vision to their clients and team. In today's fast-paced, technologically savvy world, videos have become an essential way to consistently and strategically communicate your message to your desired audience.

Here is a short list of why our corporate clients have contacted us in the past:
<li>Brand Strengthening</li>
<li>PR & HR Problem-Solving</li>
<li>Product Releases</li>
<li>Recruitment & Employee Retention</li>
<li>Trade Shows</li>
<li>Explainer Videos and more</li>

We provide multi-camera live streaming and event recording services for all sorts of events, including weddings.  In addition to that, we partner with several skilled videographers who can create wonderful montage videos that capture the day perfectly!

We were founded in 1999 and our business primarily consisted of recording live events and shooting weddings.  One day one of our friends said jokingly that we should "Take a long walk off a short pier," and our founder responded, "That'd make a great name for a wedding video company." The name stuck.

We customize every production based on our customers needs, but most shoots run 4-8 hours depending on how complex the video is.

We prefer check payments for accounting purposes, however we can process your Visa or MasterCard if you wish.

LongWalk Media can easily develop a script from your notes, or fine tune your version of a script to make sure it meets all your goals.

Final delivery of videos is usually within a month of wrapping the shoot, however LongWalk Media can do expedited services for a nominal fee.  Contact us for a free quote.

We can do any type of video production, graphic design, motion graphics and photography.

Our production packages start at $495, and we make sure to give every project the TLC it deserves.